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Days 31 & 32

Day 31: I took to the treadmill, still very sore, and was determined to run my miles. I had 3 miles for that night and thought that it was not going to happen. I had been telling friends of mine that I was sore from the eyebrows down from boot camp on Saturday. I was still feeling it on Tuesday, but I went to run anyways. It started out as usual. A little tight, a little sore but about a mile in, I guess the endorphins kicked in and the pain lessened to the point that I no longer noticed it. I completed my 3 miles and then did a quarter mile to cool down. I took extra time to stretch completely before heading to my car to go home.Training miles down!!

Day 32: My alarm went off at 4:15am and I rolled out of bed with much hesitation. It was waaaaaay too early to be awake! I had boot camp at 5am and it was going to take me about 30 minutes to make it down to D1, even in the early morning hour. I quickly got dressed, grabbed a yogurt and bottle of juice and headed out the door.  I made it to D1 a little early and the lights were still out in the building and there were other people still sitting in their cars waiting so I did the same. A little after 5am, the lights came on inside the building and about 8 of us got out of our cars and headed in. Still sore from the weekend, boot camp was really rough. To make matters worse, during one of the exercise drills, I tweaked my IT band in my right thigh and had to pull way back during the rest of the hour. But I finished!! Sore and with my right thigh hurting, I headed off to work. Later that day a nurse friend of mine who had previously trained and ran a marathon came in and I told her my issue. She very quickly told me what stretches I needed to do as it sounded like I locked that muscle up instead of hurting it like I had originally thought. I was so happy to hear that! I did not want to be out of commission for any length of time, or worse be unable to run the marathon due to an injury. That night, I did the stretches and during the second stretch I felt my muscle immediately relax. Oh sweet relief!

Tomorrow, I have a 6 mile long run, in the cold and snow, and then I have boot camp immediately after. Yes it sounds crazy but I am excited about both and can’t wait for my alarm to ring in the morning to start my day. 🙂

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Days 17, 18 & 19

After my bad decisions from this past weekend, I’ve decided to be not only good this week in my training, but very good. We also have a 4 mile long run again this Saturday (Lord, I hope it’s warmer this time!) and I do not want to struggle again like I did last week so I’ve gone to the gym and ran everyday. Monday rocked with my 4 mile run. I felt great after what I am calling my run of redemption. 🙂 Tuesday I went and could only manage 1 mile before falling apart. Wednesday was the same. Last night I’d decided I was doing the 3 miles even if I walked the whole thing. I just couldn’t understand what was going on. A little fear was creeping in too. Saturday was quickly approaching and I was struggling with just a quarter of what I was to run then.

I got to the gym, ready to rock it out. Set the TV to what I wanted to watch, muted the sound and started my running mix (still working the rap :)). I warmed up slowly to make sure that I didn’t overdo it in the beginning and started my run. Within the first quarter mile, my body was starting to betray me. CRAP! I pushed through the first mile, walked the next quarter mile, ran the rest of the second mile and walked the last mile, pretty much hunched over the control panel of the treadmill. I have to say, I’m a little freaked that tomorrow may be a disaster but I’m going. I’m hoping that my running coach will have some idea as to why I’m dying all of the sudden. Praying it’s a fluke and tomorrow will be great. Here’s hoping…

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Day 16

So, I feel like I have redeemed myself from the horribleness that was Saturday. I had full intentions of running last night during half time, but instead I fell asleep on my couch and missed my run and the entire last three quarters of the game. I was exhausted. I really needed the sleep anyways. Saturday was, well, you saw. And Friday, I skipped thinking that it was going to be my only day of rest. Wrong!

That brings us to tonight. I really wasn’t feeling well. I left work early because I thought I was going to be sick. The bus ride to my car was about the most miserable experience I’ve had in a while. Yes, even worse than Saturday. I just knew that I was going to throw up on the poor kid that had the misfortune of sitting next to me. 🙂 I got home and saw my workout clothes still folded from last night on the end of my couch and decided that I would at least give it a try. Better than letting another day pass without running. So, I got dressed and drove to my gym and started my run. About half a mile in, I started to get a little bit of energy, which was shocking given how I’ve felt all day. I passed the one mile mark and was feeling proud of myself. I even did that mile while texting. 😉 I decided that I was going to keep going to the two mile mark and see how I felt. Two miles would be great, especially since I wasn’t feeling well. Two miles came and still feeling good so I kept going. At the end of my run, I did four miles. The four miles I would’ve done on Saturday if I hadn’t stayed out so late with my friends.

I am so glad that I decided to run. I actually feel tons better. It makes me wonder if it was from going from running everyday to skipping three days. Who knows. I guess I’ll find out when I wake up tomorrow. But here’s hoping!! Right now, I’ll ride this redemption high and enjoy a little Dexter as a reward. 🙂

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Day 2

I had originally planned on Sundays and Mondays being my off days since we did our long runs on Saturday mornings. I figured the death I wished for during those runs would pass and I would be back up to running again on Tuesday and I would also be active the 4 days prior to the long runs and they wouldn’t be so bad. Enter this morning. I could barely roll out of bed. My muscles were SCREAMING at me. I slowly walked to my bathroom to brush my teeth, regretting every step. I think if I had stopped abruptly, I might have just fallen over.

13.1 miles. My body was rebelling against me after just 2! I went to make my coffee, feeling my muscles beginning to loosen up the more I moved so I made the decision. I was going to wait on the coffee and go run on the treadmill. Dread already started to fill my body. I must be crazy! My body already hurt and I was going to go and do the exact thing that put me in this pain. CA-RAZY! I will say that the first mile was brutal, but then my muscles started to cooperate and the endorphins kicked in. Oh, the pain was slowly slipping away!! Sweet relief. I have no idea how far I went today and at what pace since this was all about killing the pain, but I am sooooo happy I made the decision to run it out. I think otherwise I would be on my couch whimpering. And who knows what tomorrow would have felt l like. Day 2 DONE!

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