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Getting personal and why I do what I do….

Anyone that really knows me also knows that I am not quick with talk about my personal inner workings. I have a tendency to keep it close and work things out by myself. Great, happy things that are going on, I feel free to talk about, but let it be something hard, a struggle I am facing and I am locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I am never surprised at the shocked faces when friends slowly find out things that have happened months prior. And it usually happens with a “oh and this thing happened. Blah. Blah. Blah” followed by a quick “hold the heck on” from my friends. I am currently working to change that.

Last night, in the course of a conversation, I did the same thing to yet another person. As we were talking, I said something about being a cancer survivor. Shock crossed his face. “What?!?” My response? “I thought I told you.” And then I went on to tell him my story, answering any questions he had along the way.

I also told him that I had a cancer scare last year. During that scare, on the outside, I was very much “it’s nothing”. On the inside, I was scared as hell. My cousin died of breast cancer at a very young age. Every scare I have had along my journey was magnified when my doctors were told about this fact. The most common response was “that is way too young”. The way they treated me and my illness was always with that in mind and I am grateful. Any occurrence was usually found early and dealt with little invasion to my body or my life. While I was irritated about having to possess specialists and see them far more frequently than I cared (and I’m sure far more frequently than my insurance company cared for), it was always the reason things were discovered and dealt with so early.

Now of course I had some meltdowns along the way last year, but for the most part I kept a positive or at least a “positive” attitude. In October, one week after my 33rd birthday, I had surgery to take out the mass that was in question. The surgery was walk-in (love the advances of medicine!) and when the tests were completed, the results came back benign. After 7 months, I could finally breathe easy again.

5 months later, all I have left from that is a little scar that will fade over time but is a constant reminder of just how fragile life really is. I see the scar everyday and it has really affected my way of thinking. In January, I decided that I was going to join Team Rio and finally run the half marathon that I have been dying to run for almost 8 years now. In February, in an effort to aid my marathon training and my well-being all together, I joined D1 for a year to do boot camp 5 days a week. I’ve committed to a golf scramble in March. I am going to go skydiving this summer with a friend of mine (yes, I am jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane). I am doing the Warrior Dash with her in September, as well. I tell my friends that I love them when I get off the phone with them or when we part ways because I don’t want them to wonder how I feel about them for a second. I am meeting new people and forming new relationship because I refuse to let fear get in my way anymore. Wow! I am starting to feel like a Tim McGraw song!! 🙂

Ultimately, I’ve decided that I am going to try to live like I have a million tomorrows and at the same time, live like today is my last. I want to make every second count because really I’m not guaranteed my next. And if I live to be 100, I don’t want to look back wishing I had done something that I let slip by, regretting time not spent with people I enjoyed, not loving people fully because fear and pride got in the way. I want to look back and know I lived to the fullest of my ability.

So call me crazy because of the things I’ve gotten myself involved with. Look at my schedule and wonder what the heck I am thinking. But I will tell you one thing, I am loving my life right now. I can’t tell you the last time I have felt this content and at peace. I may be busy and on the go, but I am not living in “oh, I wish I had” moments anymore. I am working on opening myself up to whatever the world is going to bring me and taking on life’s lessons along the way. This is really why I do what I do.

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Day 28-Boot Camp

I’m back!! Yesterday morning, we had a 5 mile long run. I was still unsure if I was going to be able to run the 5 miles and was actually a little concerned that something might be going on preventing me from running at all. About halfway to our meeting point, it started to snow. It was already cold but the snow was a little much. I woke up that morning thinking that if it were snowing or raining, I wasn’t going to the group run and would instead run on my treadmill. When I walked out on my deck to check the weather, it was not only not snowing or raining, the sun was actually shining. I guess I just really needed to be at the run, so the snow held off until I was well on my way. By the time I got to our meeting place, the snow had stopped and I was grateful. We got our instructions and headed out for the run. The first quarter mile was a little rough but then the pain stopped. I was starting to feel good as I was running, even with the hilly course. I slowed to a fast walk once to drink some water, but other than that I ran the entire 5 miles. The satisfaction I was feeling was awesome.

After my run, I drove home quickly to change into shorts and headed out to a boot camp that I registered for. They were having a couple of free weekends and a friend of mine does the boot camp there 5 days a week and said it was awesome and that I would love it. Got there just in time for registration and got to watch the boot camp class in front of mine complete their last 15 minutes. Holy cow!! I started to get a little scared. When it was time to start, we gathered on the astroturf (the boot camp takes place on an indoor football field) and the instructor started to talk about what we were going to do. The best part was her opening line.

“If you need to throw up, which is perfectly normal, please try to get to the concrete or trash cans. We prefer if you choose the trash cans but either one is fine as long as you don’t throw up on the astroturf.”

Uummm, what?!?!?!?! What was I going to be doing that would make throwing up a normal part of the class? I soon found out. 3 jogs around the field started the class. Easy. I just did 5 miles. 🙂 Then it began. The next hour was a blur of fast movement and burning body parts. It was very fast paced and I felt like I was completely out of shape. The only thing that I didn’t struggle in was the 3 laps around the field at the beginning of the class. When the class was over, which by the way, ended up being over an hour because we went over our time, I had a conversation with one of the staff with my head on the counter the entire time. I’m sure I’m not the first one to do that but at the moment I really didn’t care. It hurt to even lift my head. As I was talking with my head down on the counter, I was texting my friend. First text to him? “OW!” What I found out in the course of my conversation with the staff person was that my friend not only does the boot camp 5 times a week, he does the boot camp extreme. Insane! I remember his descriptions of his pain when he first started back at boot camp and would kinda find it funny. He once told me that he was afraid to bend over because he was sure he wasn’t going to be able to get back up. I now understand completely!! Yesterday, as the day went on, I progressively got more and more sore. By the time I woke up this morning, I was wishing for death. I rolled out of bed with a groan. I was sure my legs were going to give out on me and I was going to drop to the ground with no ability to help myself. I managed to make it downstairs to my friend who was already up. With every stair, I let out a involuntary groan. My friend just laughed. It wasn’t funny but at least she had coffee. By the time I left my friend’s house and got back home, my muscles were starting to loosen back up but I was still in crazy pain. I took a hot bath which seemed to help for a little bit and then made the decision that I was going to go play tennis. I needed to move or my muscles were going to lock up on me and it was going to get worse. It started out painful, but the longer I went the better I felt. By the end, I was only partially sore which was a vast improvement to the death I was wishing for this morning. Tomorrow I have 3 miles to run for my training. I’m hoping that I can do it but I am going to at least try.

Next Saturday I have a 6 mile long run at 8:30am. After that I will get in my car and head back to D1 to do boot camp again. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but as painful as it was, I can’t even begin to explain just how much fun I had during the class. The exercise is insane, the pace is fast, the music is loud, and the whole time I am loving every second of it. I’m glad my friend told me about boot camp and encouraged me to go. He was right. I love it! I am now a boot camp junkie. 🙂

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Day 22-Tennis

I didn’t run yesterday as I’ve decided that I am now going to follow the run/rest schedule set up by my coaches. I’m sure they know way more than I do 😉 and I’ve seemed to have built up a little more endurance. What I did do though was attempt to teach my 10 year old how to play tennis. She has a wicked overhead serve, but unfortunately the ball ended up in the court next to us most of the time.  I tried playing both courts in an attempt to keep the game alive but all it did was wear me out.  I did get a great workout, though. 🙂 I also decided that I need adults to play so I’ve reached out and found two tennis partners so far (are you interested??) and am excited to add a different form of workout to my routine. I’m hoping that this will work my muscles in a different way and give me even more of an edge as I continue my training. I will say that all this exercise is amazing for my energy level. I might be bordering on the insane but my friends love me no matter what (Thank God!).

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