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Out of Brokenness

IMG_2927First off, Happy Valentine’s Day all you lovers of love ­čśë

I don’t know if I’ve ever said on here that I’m an artist, but I am. I love the creative process. I love sitting in front of a mess of supplies and turning it into something. Often, that is how it starts for me. I just…start. For me, there is nothing more fun than sitting on the porch in the morning with a cup of coffee, music playing, my supplies laid out in front of me, feeling the warmth of the sun as I walk around my piece and create. I can get lost for hours doing this. It centers me when I seem to lose balance. ­čÖé

Yesterday I had a co-worker ask about other pieces I’ve made since she’s seen the one in my office and I told her about this one. I watched as tears formed in her eyes. Oh the power of art! Its ability to move people to emotion always strikes me. And it is one of my absolute favorites.

So the story behind the piece.

Several years ago, I was part of group of women that was taking a class about relationships and brokenness. I worked with the counselor that led the class and we talked about how she wanted to start the class. She wanted to break two plates. No warning. So I gathered the supplies so that she could do that.

That night as the women sat around chattering with one another, a loud crash was heard as my friend broke the first of the two plates. I watched as startled women, shrieked. I then watched my friend then break the second plate and began the class. As we were cleaning up that night, she handed me the tub that contained the broken pieces of the plates.

“Can you make something out of this?”

Uuuhhh… I grabbed the tub and told her I’d try. The last class, the class I was going to present a completed piece, was 6 weeks away. Dang it! The pressure. For the first two weeks, I just walked past the tub of broken┬áporcelain as disdain crossed my face. What in the hell was I going to do with a million shattered pieces of plates??? As I passed the tub one day, the light bulb switched on and burned bright.┬á┬áI got very excited. I went to Home Depot that night and bought everything I needed to turn the idea in my head into reality. The end result is pictured above.

Everyone has had a relationship. Romantic. Friendships. Family. And everyone has experienced the brokenness that often comes from those relationships. Some temporary. Some heartbreakingly permanent. But there is a beauty that comes from that. It is often found in retrospect but it is there. Call me glass half full but there is good that can be found in the ugliness of life.

But after the shattering, life looks different. There is no way to get back to the smooth, perfection that was. So what do you do? Rebuild. Put it back together and move on. Take what is new and know its beauty.

I took the two plates and made it one. A reconciled relationship. Two hearts joined in the center, pursuing one goal. Oneness out of the brokenness. And the ugly pieces at the bottom? The ugliness of the relationship. Removed from the whole but still there. A reminder of the daily work that a relationship requires. A reminder of the road traveled. A reminder that the ugliness lurks nearby lest we forget.

As I put the pieces of the broken plates back together, I began to find healing from the broken pieces I carried inside of myself. This truly came from my heart as I created it in the midst of my own brokenness. And it is a reminder to me. I see it everyday and I remember that in the brokenness comes beauty.

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