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Days 35-38: Injuries and a Massage

I don’t know precisely how I did it, but I did something to my quad. Thinking it was just a sore muscle, I ran and did boot camp like I normally did. By the time Saturday rolled around, I knew without a doubt that I had injured that muscle but I wasn’t sure of the extent. Even worse, I was feeling something going on with my IT band. When I got to my long run, I went to my coach and told her what was going on and we talked about what I needed to do. One of them was to go get a professional massage. Another was to walk my 6 miles that morning. That was not a happy place for me. That also left me with a lot of time to think about the injury and I started to get worried that I might not be able to run the halfย  marathon. When I got done with the long run (walk), I hopped in my car and headed to boot camp knowing that they may not let me workout, but I was going to go in and see if they would modify the workout for me. During the drive down, I called and scheduled my massage. The only thing they had that day was a 30 minute. I took it.

When I got to boot camp, I went to the coach that was going to be leading our class and explained that I was hurt and was going to get a massage later to see if that was going to help. I also asked if I could still workout with a modified workout. He was awesome! He said yes and as the class progressed, whenever I got to an exercise that I couldn’t do, he substituted it with something I could do. I got done with the hour and left to run errands until my massage.

4pm rolled around and at that point I limped through the door for my massage. The girl that did my massage was great. We talked about what was going on and decided together that she was going to dedicate the whole 20 minutes on my quad and IT. When she started, she quickly decided that the whole of my problem was my quad and that was irritating my IT. Phew! She also said that she was convinced that she could work out most of the pain in that muscle. She started out gentle which still hurt but when she started going after that muscle, I wanted to cry. The pain was ridiculous, but I went to my happy place and pushed through the pain. When she was done, 75% of that muscle was back to normal. That girl was awesome. I would have hugged her but she didn’t look the type. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. On Monday, I went to my 5am boot camp, again with a modified exercise program. Luckily, it was upper body so there wasn’t too much that needed to be changed. This morning, I again showed up to boot camp. Today is circuit training day. I did what I could as I am now starting to feel a little more normal with little substitutions here and there, which gives me hope. I am hoping that by Saturday’s long run (7 miles!!!), I will be able to run it instead of walking it again. Here’s hoping… ๐Ÿ™‚ If nothing else, that may just mean another massage on Saturday.

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