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Day 9: Not doing the list

Day 9Day 9: ———-

So today was supposed to be about 10 pet peeves, but I have to say that my heart is heavy given what happened yesterday in Boston. I sat at my desk working with Facebook open on one of my screens, watching as a running group I used to be a part of was calling off members as they crossed the finish line in Boston, liking the posts as they popped up. I said a little “YAY!” as I saw them start rolling in. And then I started to see the reports of an explosion, maybe two at the finish line. Confusion. My brain tried to understand, figure out what could have exploded, hoping that there were no people hurt. I will say in the rainbow and sunshine brain of mine, I imagined that the explosion was no where near people and it was some freak accident. And then I started to hear the reports of planted bombs and my heart broke. The news reports were constant. The numbers of dead and hurt rose quickly. Pictures popped up on the television and all over social media.

I think this hit me a little harder because this happened in my community, within my running family. Lace up your tennis shoes and go running anywhere and when you encounter another runner, you will be met with a raised hand, a nod of the head, a smile, some sort of “hey, I see you.” It’s just what you do. And you don’t have to be a runner to understand this camaraderie. It’s the same with boaters, bikers, Jeep owners, and more I am sure I am not even aware of. We may not know each other but we recognize we still have a relationship and it is one of the things that I love about being in the running community. We share the same heart.

So when I started to hear about the damage done by some evil person, my heart sank. As much as I wanted to understand what happened, I stayed away from the television and internet all together last night. Like I told my very crushed daughter this morning, there is no understanding evil. She too is part of this community. In less then 2 weeks, I will be running in the Music City Marathon and she will be volunteering at the finish line. She will be the one that will put my finisher’s medal around my neck. As we were looking towards that day, we were excited but that was still clouded by the pain we felt for those in Boston.

And so today, my mind and heart is with Boston. And when I run in two weeks, I run for not only my little Newton angel, I will also run for Boston. For an extended family whose beautiful, celebration filled day was stolen by evil.

~~Til the next time…


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What’s your favorite color?

I am the proud mother of girls. At the same time, I am convinced that I should have been the proud mother of boys. Why? Because as a woman, I think I have more testosterone than the average woman. I don’t like shopping. I love football, both college (Hook’em Horns!) and professional (Who Dat!). I am a little (teeny, tiny) bit competitive. Even my Words with Friends games can get a little bit stressful. I talk way too much smack, especially since I probably can’t back up most of what I’m saying. I can hang out with the boys and talk s**t and not feel the least bit out of place. I’ve had some say that they forget I’m a girl. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. 🙂 I don’t do drama and I’m more of a pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on kinda girl. But still a girl and a mother to girls.

So yesterday, I was telling a friend of mine about an encounter with one of my daughters. She was distraught over a lost relationship with a boy that she honestly barely knew. I was puzzled but tried to be supportive. I asked her why she was so upset. Her answer??


Tears were streaming down her face. This was a boy that she knew for less than a month. Love?!?!? Okay. Me being the type of mother that I am, I asked the following question. Remember, I think that I am being supportive. And at the same time, I am wanting to impart a life lesson. Uh huh…this is going to go well.

ME: “Well, sweetie. What was this boy’s favorite color?”

HER: “What?”

ME: “What was his favorite color?”

HER: “I don’t know” (hands thrown in the air, eyes rolling)

ME: “Well, if you didn’t know something as basic as what his favorite color was, I just don’t think it was love.”

Supportive, huh??? I went on to tell her that loving someone was a special, precious thing that developed over time as two people learned more and more about each other and it was not like someone saying they loved spicy Cheetos. Can you feel the gentleness with which I was handling the situation? Yeeeeeeeah….

Well, I was telling my friend, Kris, about this conversation as we were walking to Starbucks yesterday to which she told me that her husband didn’t have a favorite color. I looked at her puzzled and thought, the man has NO preference towards color. As a painter, this thought baffled me. She must have picked up on that because she told me to text her husband to confirm this. I shot off the text and waited. My phone buzzed to alert me that I had received a text.


I turned my phone towards my friend and told her that she was in trouble. Her instant and very passionate reply was “He’s lying!” She told me that the only reason he told me a color was because he felt like he should. So then I sent off another text asking if that was actually his favorite color or if he felt the need to tell me a color because I asked. He told me that his colors were blue and black, in his words “the colors of pain”. HA!! You will have to read the rest on my friends blog here. It’s funny! In a nutshell, they have been together for 23 years and for the whole time, not only did she not know what his favorite color was, she wasn’t even aware that he had one. The best part of the whole ordeal was when she had me test his knowledge of her favorite color and without hesitation he named it off….red. She was so busted!! And slightly perturbed. I on the other hand found it hysterical! She tried to blow it off as being a natural phenomenon, but every friend we passed in the halls on our way back knew the answer to that question. I also had to poke fun at her expense and remind her that the guy that I had just started dating not only got me flowers, but got me flowers in burnt orange, the color of my favorite team…cuz he was paying attention. She was not happy with that little bit of information. 😉

Now by no means am I saying that if you don’t know what your significant other’s favorite color is, you must not be in love. What I am saying is that if you don’t know the basics of what is important to the other person, I find it hard to believe that you love them. How do you know you love them when you don’t even know them?

Last thing…I know Kris and her husband and I KNOW those two love each other. I have pictures that I took of them without them knowing and you can see it all over their faces while they were talking to one another. She may not have known his favorite color, but she knows what is important to him. What makes him happy. And that’s what matters. It was just funny to rehash her reaction to the whole thing! In a public setting. If you haven’t, read her blog posting. It’s priceless!!

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Days 17, 18 & 19

After my bad decisions from this past weekend, I’ve decided to be not only good this week in my training, but very good. We also have a 4 mile long run again this Saturday (Lord, I hope it’s warmer this time!) and I do not want to struggle again like I did last week so I’ve gone to the gym and ran everyday. Monday rocked with my 4 mile run. I felt great after what I am calling my run of redemption. 🙂 Tuesday I went and could only manage 1 mile before falling apart. Wednesday was the same. Last night I’d decided I was doing the 3 miles even if I walked the whole thing. I just couldn’t understand what was going on. A little fear was creeping in too. Saturday was quickly approaching and I was struggling with just a quarter of what I was to run then.

I got to the gym, ready to rock it out. Set the TV to what I wanted to watch, muted the sound and started my running mix (still working the rap :)). I warmed up slowly to make sure that I didn’t overdo it in the beginning and started my run. Within the first quarter mile, my body was starting to betray me. CRAP! I pushed through the first mile, walked the next quarter mile, ran the rest of the second mile and walked the last mile, pretty much hunched over the control panel of the treadmill. I have to say, I’m a little freaked that tomorrow may be a disaster but I’m going. I’m hoping that my running coach will have some idea as to why I’m dying all of the sudden. Praying it’s a fluke and tomorrow will be great. Here’s hoping…

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My 1st Marathon

Well, last year I sat on the marathon trail and cheered on the runners as they hit the beginning of their final mile and I saw thousands of tired but elated faces. I decided then that it was no longer time to just think about running the next marathon but to actually do it. It has been something I’ve wanted to do since I’ve moved here and other than a lack of motivation, I have no excuses.

That brings me to today. This morning I woke up to the most beautiful snowfall and very cold temperatures and my first meeting with Team Rio, the group I am running with. I wondered for a second if they would cancel since snowfall has a tendency to shut down the whole city, so I kept checking their facebook page. No updates stating that the meeting was canceled, so I got ready to head towards the meeting. This meeting wasn’t just an informational meeting, either. Our first group run would be after the meeting concluded. Did I mention that it was snowing and cold??? 25 degrees of cold! So I dressed for my first run not really knowing if this was an outdoor or indoor run and drove downtown.

We moved through the meeting packed full of information about the organization that we were going to be raising money for (Big Brothers and Big Sisters) and how we would be going about our next 6 weeks of training but no mention of whether or not we would be running inside or outside. I was starting to get a little scared.

The meeting was coming to an end and they handed out the registration paperwork to those of us that did not pre-register. At the top of the page was the little field to choose what team you wanted to be on, 1/2 marathon walking, 1/2 marathon running, and full marathon. I walked in with the idea that I would join the walking team. There was just no reason to get carried away with this thing. And it’s my first marathon. How in the world would I get to the point of being able to run 13.1 miles? And then the incredible, or maybe the really dumb thing happened. I checked the 1/2 marathon running box.

I have spent the last 7 years saying that the only reason a person should be running is because someone is chasing them to hurt them. Running, for exercise or marathon purposes, just didn’t make since to me. And then this morning I decided if I was going to go 13.1 miles, I was going to run it. Why would I go through all the time and training to walk the 1/2 marathon? I wanted to go all out with my 1/2 marathon. What if this is the only time I run this? I didn’t want to walk away regretting my decision, so I checked running. Well, that moved me into the running team in our group run. We all headed towards the door to break up in teams and get instruction and that is when I realized it. We were going outside. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I did not wear enough layers. It was not only snowy and cold, it was also very windy. We all stood outside and received some last minute instruction and I got very cold, very fast. I have no idea what the wind chill was, but my face began to hurt as the wind and snow blew into it. “I am never going to make it” was all I could think. Not running, not walking. It was waaaaaay too cold. And then we started. I ran and ran, waiting for the moment when my body temperature would rise enough to combat the cold. That didn’t happen until the last quarter mile of my 2 mile run. 😦 I also found out while talking to a girl I was running with that we run all our group runs, rain or shine. We are the postal service of running teams.

This will be a very interesting 6 weeks, but I am beyond excited! I can’t possibly imagine how I am going to be able to run 13.1 miles with just 6 short weeks of training, which is why I started this blog. From what everyone was saying, I will run the 13.1 and not remember the struggle of today. I’m going to document this so I can watch my progress. And if nothing else, maybe there will be humorous things that happen along the way, like how I almost threw up after only running 2 miles. 2 MILES!!!! Oh, me! Here I go…

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