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Welcome back to Reality

Last Monday, I went to my 6pm boot camp class and spent the hour wishing that I didn’t have heartburn because it was making it really hard to breathe and therefore, really hard to exercise. It wasn’t until I was in my car on my way home that I noticed that I was still having difficulty breathing. Hmmm, could it be my asthma??? So I took a huff on my inhaler and instantly felt relief. Stupid me! But I do have to say that I hadn’t had issues in a while and it really did just feel like heartburn.

Tuesday morning, I show up to my regular 5am class and about 20 minutes in, I am laying on the turf after taking a couple puffs from my inhaler, trying to catch my breath. From across the room, I hear Greg asking me if I’m alright. I could only manage a thumbs up as I was concentrating on my breathing. Finally, I was able to get up and decided to finish out the class. Again, stupid me. I should have just headed to the showers and left early. For the rest of the day, I struggled to breath and wondered if I was going to have to visit the doctor for a nebulizer treatment.

Wednesday morning, I woke up still hearing the wheezing in my chest and went back to sleep. Thursday morning, same. Friday morning, I woke up feeling better and decided that I was going to go to boot camp. Really, for nothing more than because I missed it. Yes…I’m a junkie. πŸ™‚ And because I knew that I couldn’t do Saturday, since I volunteered to help my boyfriend with some landscaping. So off I went and did what I could.

Still struggled a little during the weekend but made it to my Monday pm class and decided to take the Tuesday PM class as well. Didn’t want to rush into my extreme class too early and risk starting this process all over again.

Well, about a week and a half of not going hard really hit me this morning when I went back. At certain points, I really wanted to die. As I type now, my muscles in my arms are killing me and I am walking around like a geriatric patient. It’s all quite pleasant. Really, it is. πŸ™‚ I was struggling so bad this morning that it took everything in me just to concentrate on what I was doing. My one day to whine in class was wasted because I had no energy to let out a peep. Whiny Wednesday went down with very little whining. πŸ™‚

BUT I am glad to be back. We are training for the Warrior Dash in September so I really have no time to waste. When they describe running the course as the “Craziest Frickin’ Day of Your Life”, you better prepare! So now that I am back to reality, as Greg puts it, I need to go cuz next I’m throwing the running back into the mix every other night. Wooooo!!! πŸ™‚ It’s go time!!!

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Today was supposed to be easier????

I came into boot camp this morning and was talking to my coach, Greg, and one of the things he told me was that in talking to another coach, they had decided that his class and another coach’s class needed 1 easy day a week. Woohoo!!!! I was so down for that. Fortunately for me, today was the day that he decided was going to be an easy day. Again, WOO! HOO! I was very tired from not sleeping enough the previous 2 nights so I was all about an easy day.

We ran our two laps, did our stretching and lined up to get instruction from Greg. Yeeeeeeah, today ended up not being an easy day. Greg told us all to get a barbell and add weights. Ummmmm, if my arms were any smaller, I don’t think they would qualify as arms, so the barbell is more than heavy enough for me. I walked into the free weight area and grabbed a barbell and started to walk back out onto the field. Greg stopped me.

“Tina! You need weights, too. That is only 25 lbs!”

Really, Greg?!?!?! Have you seen my arms? Just in case you forgot, I get called Olive Oyl by my classmates. Yeah, this girl!

Hot, isn’t she???

So I went and set my barbell on the line and walked back into the weight area and grabbed two 10 lbs weights, went back and clamped them onto my barbell. Now, I’ve gone from 25 lbs to 45 lbs. Oh, man! This may not end well. In the two months that I’ve been doing boot camp, it has not involved weights like this. I just kept envisioning my arms giving out and all 45 lbs come crashing down on top of my head. Oh and profuse amounts of blood. Eep!!

First set of exercises: RDL and on your way up bring the barbell to your chest (it has a name, I just don’t remember it πŸ™‚ ). Lower back down to the waist and RDL again. This was 10 times and then run.



Second set: Squat with barbell at chest level and go straight into overhead press. The first one was fine. The other nine was difficult. Remember…Olive Oyl. 10 times and then run some more.



Third set: Sumo deadlift (left picture) into upright row (right picture). Not as bad as the second set but my arms are really startingΒ toΒ hurt! 10 times and run again.




Fourth set: Squats with barbell behind the neck (Left) then go into good morning (below). 10 times and then run 2 laps.







After that, we did it twice more, some ab work and then ran for 10 minutes. Well, some ran, I couldn’t since I’m still not supposed to until this weekend. My body is HURTING right now. I don’t think Greg and I have the same definition of easy. This morning was different for sure, but easy…noooooo. Thanks, Greg, for making it look like I never really learned how to walk correctly and for just pretty much killing my body. I’m sure tomorrow will be a blast!!! πŸ˜‰

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loss & blog title change (more getting personal)…

These last couple of weeks have just happened to be filled with loss on very different levels, but loss none the less. One thing about me is that I thrive on consistency. I love the harmony of my very busy life. One wrong note though and it will throw me off completely. It can be something as little as missing boot camp (like this morning) and it throws my day off.

Well, about two weeks ago, a friendship ended, a week ago I found out that I can not run in the marathon and a few days later I learned that a sweet girl from work passed away. Last night, I received more news that has me worried. Hard. Very hard. To be honest, it felt like blows to the chest. It seemed that when I got my feet back underneath me, something else came around the corner. I spent the better part of two weeks spaced out, more to keep from getting emotional. Happy, I could do but to think of any of the above mentioned incidences left me of the verge of tears, if not actually crying, so I tried to not think about it. I did find moments to grieve each thing when I was alone but unfortunately for my sweet daughter, Kyle, sometimes a song on the radio would trigger the tears to fall. Thankfully I’m blessed and she would give me a hug and an “I love you” as a reminder.

With the loss of my chance to run the marathon, I had thought about ending this little blog, but I looked at it and realized that what started out as a blog about my marathon training has turned into something else. I’ve also found that I like recording little moments on this blog. The last blog I had, I downloaded and turned into a book to keep as kind of a memory book of last year. And even though I am not going to be able to run the marathon, there are still other things that I will be doing that provide enough fodder for this blog. Boot camp alone provides enough stories to share. And then there are moments like this where I choose to open up a little. I take it as more practice on my decision in my “Getting Personal” post of not keeping everything to myself. πŸ™‚ So now you know why My 1st Marathon has turned into Pieces of Randomness.

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I’m not playing with you anymore. :p

I’m not playing with Greg anymore! I think he is trying to kill me. Unless he’s reading this and then Greg you are AWESOME! My favorite person! Loves ya for real! Now stop reading…

Boot camp today was rough. When I first started, we had a schedule. Monday-arms, Tuesday-cardio, Wednesday-legs, Thursday-cardio, Friday-total body. If I missed a class during the week, I went Saturday, which seemed to be a free for all, depending on who led the class. At this point, I’ve taken at least one class from each coach so I kinda know what to expect when I walk in and see which coach is leading on a Saturday. Most are doable. Greg and Chris, the other extreme coach, even dialed back, hurt, though. The two of them together is about a mile away from hell.This past Saturday was the second time that I did boot camp with the both of them leading and I hurt that night…bad. My legs were shaking most of the night. Chris is Sam’s 11am coach. The class that I am going to take next Thursday. Eep! I asked the both of them about their method after class on Saturday when we were just hanging out and talking. I was trying to find out how bad it was going to be for me. Greg is less reps but a lot of weights. Chris is heavy on the reps and little weights.

Well, in the midst of the conversation, Greg didn’t like something I said and decided to turn the dial way up for the Monday workout. Too bad I slept in that day. πŸ™‚ My classmates, though, took the brunt of my punishment. I went to the 6pm class that day and did just fine other than my knee and hamstring hurting me. Tuesday’s cardio class was brutal. We did 100 yards of plate pushes with a total of 515 yards of sprints. Don’t know what plate pushes are? Google it. It’s not fun. Push 5 yards then run down the field and back, push 5 more yards and run, push 5 more yards and run, and so on. When I got back to the start, I pushed the plate over the line and immediately went down to the ground and just laid there. That was our first set of exercises and we weren’t even to the halfway point of the class.

Then came this morning. Greg has decided to do away with leg and arm days and make those total body as well. Which means total body pain. When I got there this morning, he told me that it was going to be bad. Greeeeeat! I kinda already knew though. I saw him last night when I went to go get my runner’s stick that Sam had left for me earlier that day and while we were talking I mentioned that I had blogged about him. I also told him everything was nice. Well, I should have reread my blogs before saying that because as he was reading it on his little Ipad, I hear him say “Justin Beiber, huh?” Uuuuuum, whoops. I quickly picked up my phone and start looking for posts where I said nice things about him and started reading off titles. It was too late. Dang it!! 😦

As of right now, I have my runner’s stick and I am massaging my legs because they hurt. Really, really bad. Even gently rolling the stick on my leg kills. Tomorrow is cardio which means even more pain. I hope the hours of using the stick will get me back to a somewhat decent level so that I don’t have to skip. Chris is leading the class on Saturday which means it will be far from easy and I will probably be unable to breathe afterwards. Not exactly how I want to spend my Saturday morning. From now on, I’m only saying nice things about Greg and I will cuss him in my head. What am I saying…I’m incapable of that. Oh, well. Bring on the pain, I guess. Maybe he won’t read this anymore. πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping…..

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What’s your favorite color?

I am the proud mother of girls. At the same time, I am convinced that I should have been the proud mother of boys. Why? Because as a woman, I think I have more testosterone than the average woman. I don’t like shopping. I love football, both college (Hook’em Horns!) and professional (Who Dat!). I am a little (teeny, tiny) bit competitive. Even my Words with Friends games can get a little bit stressful. I talk way too much smack, especially since I probably can’t back up most of what I’m saying. I can hang out with the boys and talk s**t and not feel the least bit out of place. I’ve had some say that they forget I’m a girl. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. πŸ™‚ I don’t do drama and I’m more of a pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on kinda girl. But still a girl and a mother to girls.

So yesterday, I was telling a friend of mine about an encounter with one of my daughters. She was distraught over a lost relationship with a boy that she honestly barely knew. I was puzzled but tried to be supportive. I asked her why she was so upset. Her answer??


Tears were streaming down her face. This was a boy that she knew for less than a month. Love?!?!? Okay. Me being the type of mother that I am, I asked the following question. Remember, I think that I am being supportive. And at the same time, I am wanting to impart a life lesson. Uh huh…this is going to go well.

ME: “Well, sweetie. What was this boy’s favorite color?”

HER: “What?”

ME: “What was his favorite color?”

HER: “I don’t know” (hands thrown in the air, eyes rolling)

ME: “Well, if you didn’t know something as basic as what his favorite color was, I just don’t think it was love.”

Supportive, huh??? I went on to tell her that loving someone was a special, precious thing that developed over time as two people learned more and more about each other and it was not like someone saying they loved spicy Cheetos. Can you feel the gentleness with which I was handling the situation? Yeeeeeeeah….

Well, I was telling my friend, Kris, about this conversation as we were walking to Starbucks yesterday to which she told me that her husband didn’t have a favorite color. I looked at her puzzled and thought, the man has NO preference towards color. As a painter, this thought baffled me. She must have picked up on that because she told me to text her husband to confirm this. I shot off the text and waited. My phone buzzed to alert me that I had received a text.


I turned my phone towards my friend and told her that she was in trouble. Her instant and very passionate reply was “He’s lying!” She told me that the only reason he told me a color was because he felt like he should. So then I sent off another text asking if that was actually his favorite color or if he felt the need to tell me a color because I asked. He told me that his colors were blue and black, in his words “the colors of pain”. HA!! You will have to read the rest on my friends blog here. It’s funny! In a nutshell, they have been together for 23 years and for the whole time, not only did she not know what his favorite color was, she wasn’t even aware that he had one. The best part of the whole ordeal was when she had me test his knowledge of her favorite color and without hesitation he named it off….red. She was so busted!! And slightly perturbed. I on the other hand found it hysterical! She tried to blow it off as being a natural phenomenon, but every friend we passed in the halls on our way back knew the answer to that question. I also had to poke fun at her expense and remind her that the guy that I had just started dating not only got me flowers, but got me flowers in burnt orange, the color of my favorite team…cuz he was paying attention. She was not happy with that little bit of information. πŸ˜‰

Now by no means am I saying that if you don’t know what your significant other’s favorite color is, you must not be in love. What I am saying is that if you don’t know the basics of what is important to the other person, I find it hard to believe that you love them. How do you know you love them when you don’t even know them?

Last thing…I know Kris and her husband and I KNOW those two love each other. I have pictures that I took of them without them knowing and you can see it all over their faces while they were talking to one another. She may not have known his favorite color, but she knows what is important to him. What makes him happy. And that’s what matters. It was just funny to rehash her reaction to the whole thing! In a public setting. If you haven’t, read her blog posting. It’s priceless!!

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Two days off and torturing my friends…

Last Saturday on my run, I twisted my knee. It didn’t feel all that bad that day and I really wanted to go have fun at 80’s night, so I dressed up and went out and had fun. Sunday, I still really wasn’t feeling any pain in my knee. To be honest though, I was still very sore from my workouts at boot camp from the week before so I couldn’t really tell you if I had pain in my knee or not. All I knew was that I wasn’t feeling any pain there at the moment. Woke up on Monday and went into boot camp. Mondays are upper body so I really didn’t work that knee too much. Tuesday I didn’t wake up for boot camp but I decided to make it up by hitting the 6p class. When I got there, I found out that the class was going to do lower body instead of the cardio that my class did on Tuesdays. I should have just got back in my car and went home and showed up for my Wednesday class, but like the junkie I am, I decided to stay and do the class. Wednesday morning, I showed up to my regular class and like I already knew, we were going to do lower body. That would make 2 lower body workouts in less that 12 hours. Bad move!! When the class was over, I was beginning to limp around and my knee was KILLING me. As the day progressed, my knee got worse. I spent the day with my knee wrapped, iced when I was sitting at my desk and limping around when I wasn’t. To make matters worse, I decided to wear 4 inch heels to work that day. Uh huh. 4 INCH HEELS! By the time I got home, my knee was throbbing with pain. Needless to say, I made the decision to not go to boot camp on Thursday morning. It killed me to think of skipping, but I really didn’t have a choice. I could no longer walk like a normal person. I will say, though, that I set my alarm for my normal boot camp wake up in the hopes of feeling well enough to go. When my alarm rang, I shut it off and reset it for another hour and half. πŸ™‚

All day Thursday, I kept my knee wrapped and iced and wore flip flops to work (which is frowned upon). By the time I got home, my knee was feeling better and I was actually hoping that I could make my Friday bootcamp, especially since that has become my favorite day of the week. I set my alarm before I went to bed and also set up another alarm for an hour and half later, just in case I woke up not feeling like I could do it. I am so glad I set up that second alarm! I must have shut off that first alarm in my sleep because when I opened my eyes and looked at my phone, it was 5:44a. DANG IT!!!! I missed my class! I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for work, now in a bad mood. I was feeling better and had I woken up on time, I would have gone to boot camp. I guess my body decided to override my brain. It was for the best in the end as I really needed to rest my knee for another day.

During the day on Friday, a friend and I got into a conversation about her coming to boot camp with me. As the day went on, we had settled on getting together on Saturday for the 10a class for her to try out and for me to make up my missed classes. Yes!! It was made even better by the rescheduling of my long run due to weather. I wouldn’t have to skip the run to make boot camp. On Saturday morning, I got a text that not only was my friend coming, another one of my friends would be joining her. This was going to be awesome!! As I was waiting for the both of them to show up to D1, I was getting more and more excited. Not only were they joining me for something I considered fun, I finally felt well enough to participate in the class fully. πŸ™‚ My only reservation was that boot camp was hard….really hard! I was just hoping that they would still be friends with me after the whole ordeal was over. We started the class by running two laps that involved stairs. Just think of it as the wuss’ version of Rocky. We then stretched out and I turned to my friends and said “and now it begins”. Their response was priceless.

“We haven’t started?!?!”

I laughed and we moved on with class. They were awesome!! It was awesome having them in there as well! We talked and laughed as we went through the hour. It made the class that much more fun for me. At the end, one of my friends decided that she was going to look into joining, which of course got me really excited! It would be great to have another friend there, especially one that I would actually get to work out with. And she cracks me up! A very welcome addition to what I already consider a fun time. Turns out that I only partially put my friends through torture. “L” at least enjoyed it enough to look into a membership. It’s been a weird several days all surrounding one little injury, but I am good now and am looking forward to getting back into my normal routine. Greg, my coach at D1, says that next week we’ll be back to our normal and very hard routine. All I have to say to that is BRING IT!

6 mile long run tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

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Days 35-38: Injuries and a Massage

I don’t know precisely how I did it, but I did something to my quad. Thinking it was just a sore muscle, I ran and did boot camp like I normally did. By the time Saturday rolled around, I knew without a doubt that I had injured that muscle but I wasn’t sure of the extent. Even worse, I was feeling something going on with my IT band. When I got to my long run, I went to my coach and told her what was going on and we talked about what I needed to do. One of them was to go get a professional massage. Another was to walk my 6 miles that morning. That was not a happy place for me. That also left me with a lot of time to think about the injury and I started to get worried that I might not be able to run the halfΒ  marathon. When I got done with the long run (walk), I hopped in my car and headed to boot camp knowing that they may not let me workout, but I was going to go in and see if they would modify the workout for me. During the drive down, I called and scheduled my massage. The only thing they had that day was a 30 minute. I took it.

When I got to boot camp, I went to the coach that was going to be leading our class and explained that I was hurt and was going to get a massage later to see if that was going to help. I also asked if I could still workout with a modified workout. He was awesome! He said yes and as the class progressed, whenever I got to an exercise that I couldn’t do, he substituted it with something I could do. I got done with the hour and left to run errands until my massage.

4pm rolled around and at that point I limped through the door for my massage. The girl that did my massage was great. We talked about what was going on and decided together that she was going to dedicate the whole 20 minutes on my quad and IT. When she started, she quickly decided that the whole of my problem was my quad and that was irritating my IT. Phew! She also said that she was convinced that she could work out most of the pain in that muscle. She started out gentle which still hurt but when she started going after that muscle, I wanted to cry. The pain was ridiculous, but I went to my happy place and pushed through the pain. When she was done, 75% of that muscle was back to normal. That girl was awesome. I would have hugged her but she didn’t look the type. πŸ™‚

On Sunday, I did absolutely nothing. On Monday, I went to my 5am boot camp, again with a modified exercise program. Luckily, it was upper body so there wasn’t too much that needed to be changed. This morning, I again showed up to boot camp. Today is circuit training day. I did what I could as I am now starting to feel a little more normal with little substitutions here and there, which gives me hope. I am hoping that by Saturday’s long run (7 miles!!!), I will be able to run it instead of walking it again. Here’s hoping… πŸ™‚ If nothing else, that may just mean another massage on Saturday.

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