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Day 4-Day late :)

First off, I didn’t run yesterday. I took the day off and I am happy that I did. My muscles aren’t sore today and I feel a little more like myself. I am going to run tonight and will probably be back to hobbling and limping, moaning and groaning tomorrow, but I will worry about it then. 🙂

One interesting thing that did happen yesterday was that I noticed that I am starving most of the day now. I ate 5 meals yesterday and I probably could’ve eaten a 6th but I refrained. I thought it a little ridiculous to go from eating 2 meals a day to 6. I knew that my metabolism would rise but I didn’t realize that it would triplicate! And I’m not talking the healthy 5 small meals a day kinda hungry. I’m talking about 5 FULL meals. I’m hoping that it will regulate soon and my body will figure out that I am not trying to starve it. I can’t imagine what my food bill will look like if this is going to be how it goes!

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