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Days 31 & 32

Day 31: I took to the treadmill, still very sore, and was determined to run my miles. I had 3 miles for that night and thought that it was not going to happen. I had been telling friends of mine that I was sore from the eyebrows down from boot camp on Saturday. I was still feeling it on Tuesday, but I went to run anyways. It started out as usual. A little tight, a little sore but about a mile in, I guess the endorphins kicked in and the pain lessened to the point that I no longer noticed it. I completed my 3 miles and then did a quarter mile to cool down. I took extra time to stretch completely before heading to my car to go home.Training miles down!!

Day 32: My alarm went off at 4:15am and I rolled out of bed with much hesitation. It was waaaaaay too early to be awake! I had boot camp at 5am and it was going to take me about 30 minutes to make it down to D1, even in the early morning hour. I quickly got dressed, grabbed a yogurt and bottle of juice and headed out the door.  I made it to D1 a little early and the lights were still out in the building and there were other people still sitting in their cars waiting so I did the same. A little after 5am, the lights came on inside the building and about 8 of us got out of our cars and headed in. Still sore from the weekend, boot camp was really rough. To make matters worse, during one of the exercise drills, I tweaked my IT band in my right thigh and had to pull way back during the rest of the hour. But I finished!! Sore and with my right thigh hurting, I headed off to work. Later that day a nurse friend of mine who had previously trained and ran a marathon came in and I told her my issue. She very quickly told me what stretches I needed to do as it sounded like I locked that muscle up instead of hurting it like I had originally thought. I was so happy to hear that! I did not want to be out of commission for any length of time, or worse be unable to run the marathon due to an injury. That night, I did the stretches and during the second stretch I felt my muscle immediately relax. Oh sweet relief!

Tomorrow, I have a 6 mile long run, in the cold and snow, and then I have boot camp immediately after. Yes it sounds crazy but I am excited about both and can’t wait for my alarm to ring in the morning to start my day. ­čÖé

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Day 2

I had originally┬áplanned on Sundays and Mondays being my off days since we did our long runs on Saturday mornings. I figured the death I wished for during those runs would pass and I would be back up to running again on Tuesday and I would also be active the 4 days prior to the long runs and they wouldn’t be so bad. Enter this morning. I could barely roll out of bed. My muscles were SCREAMING at me. I slowly walked to my bathroom to brush my teeth, regretting every step. I think if I had stopped abruptly, I might have just fallen over.

13.1 miles. My body was rebelling against me after just 2! I went to make my coffee, feeling my muscles beginning to loosen up the more I moved so I made the decision. I was going to wait on the coffee and go run on the treadmill. Dread already started to fill my body. I must be crazy! My body already hurt and I was going to go and do the exact thing that put me in this pain. CA-RAZY! I will say that the first mile was brutal, but then my muscles started to cooperate and the endorphins kicked in. Oh, the pain was slowly slipping away!! Sweet relief. I have no idea how far I went today and at what pace since this was all about killing the pain, but I am sooooo happy I made the decision to run it out. I think otherwise I would be on my couch whimpering. And who knows what tomorrow would have felt l like. Day 2 DONE!

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