The lies we tell ourselves…

43544531_JvZg7gdf_cA friend of mine was asked to speak to a group of women about the lies we tell ourselves and I loved hearing afterward how it went. As we talked about it, I was hit with what I already knew and what her speaking engagement further exposed.

We women are our harshest critics.

To ourselves and other women. You can be the smartest, most beautiful, engaging woman and in less than 60 seconds, you can believe all the lies that others, and even you, yourself have said about you. We allow shame, fear, loneliness, guilt, anger, sadness, hurt, and even gladness become ugliness that we project onto ourselves and sometimes others. We let circumstances define who we are instead of rising out of the ashes knowing we are a thing of beauty and of power. We hear the distorted words of others as truth.

But why? Why have we turned over to negativity and allowed it to occupy space in our beautiful minds? Because it’s easier to believe the ugly as opposed to the beautiful. The wonderful. The truth.

Sure. I am capable of ugliness. I can tear down a person in less time it takes to think the thought. Takes even less time to do it to myself. BUT I won’t.  I can’t.

I want to be a person of positivity. For others but most importantly, for myself. If I do not choose to lift myself up first, love myself wholly, I can not do that for others and I can’t expect them to do that for me. Despite the ugliness and lies that are so prevalent in our society, I choose to stand and say “I am…” in a way that goes against the grain. So today, more for myself, but maybe you need a little encouragement to say it to yourself, I say I AM ENOUGH! 

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