Slumps suck…

848906666_NotAgain_answer_2_xlargeOh yes they do! And I’ve been in one. I began questioning my choice in hobby. One I pay money to do, by the way. I don’t know at what point I thought, “Holy shit! What am I doing here?”, but I know it began to be a big problem for me. It didn’t stop me from training, but I can say that training Jiu Jitsu when you lack heart is about the most frustrating experience. Ever.

What used to excite me was replaced with a sense of dread. I walked in with the same attitude but it was external only. I began to notice that I watched the clock. Counting down the minutes til class was over. And learning anything?? Nope! I think I learned it in the sense that I tucked it away in my brain but it didn’t translate when it was time to hit the mats to roll. I gassed out. I was frustrated. I was tapping from a combination of exhaustion and the aforementioned frustration more than a properly executed submission. I was not aggressive at all. I might as well have been participating in a slap fight. And it had nothing to do with winning or losing. I don’t see Jiu Jitsu in that way. You got the submission?? Show me what just happened so the next time, it doesn’t happen again. I’m winning or learning. Just not lately.

But I kept going. Hoping whatever was going on would work itself out. And I’m glad I made that choice. Last night was no different than any other night. Actually, what we went over, we had been going over for a bit now but last night I felt like I was back. My desire to be there was back. My motivation to push myself was back. I was dead, DEAD, after and it felt great! Everything hurt. I could barely grip my keys to leave the gym much less apply any pressure to the gas peddle as I drove off and I couldn’t have been any happier about it.

I walked out with the same sense of calm I enjoyed when I started Jiu Jitsu. I didn’t panic during training and the roll. My mind was engaged in what I was doing instead of being concerned with the time. I was exhausted but in a good way. My body was drained. My brain was excited. I would have stayed for more if it were an option. I’m excited to get back in there and add to my game. Dread?? Not at all. Today, I feel lighter. Ready to take on the day. To own the rest of the week!

The funny thing is that last night my sister sent me a text and during the course of our conversation, she expressed frustration in her training. Why?? The ever dreaded slump. I don’t believe in coincidence. I think everything happens exactly how it is supposed to happen in the time it does for a reason. I don’t know why I hit the wall when and how I did, but I sat there last night returning texts to her, encouraging her to keep going. I’m sure she wanted to punch me in the throat but I knew exactly where she was coming from. I was there just the day before.

I write this honestly more for me than anyone else because I know I’ll hit another slump. It happens. To everyone. So like I told my sister last night (and to you, if you need it), I say to my future sad, dejected self: Nothing worth having comes in the absence of hard work. Oh and you’ll get there, you turd! 😉

~~Til the next time

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3 thoughts on “Slumps suck…

  1. Tracey

    That was very motivational!
    I have been in a slump working out lately, I’ll do it for a week and then put it off for two weeks. You’ve inspired me to hit hard tomorrow 🙂

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