I’m in love…

1094848_10151555988047607_138677618_n Oooohhhhh…. Caught your attention, didn’t I?? But it’s not what you think. 😉

So I think the last time I wrote about my Jiu Jitsu adventure, I was about 1 month in. 1 month, 1 stripe. 🙂 Now I’ve hit 4 months. Actually, today is exactly 4 months in. And any obsession I felt 1 month in is nothing compared to what it is now. I spent the summer training just about everyday. I went to my first tournament at the end of the summer. Talk about being a nerve-wracking situation. I was so nervous, I forgot to eat that morning. Baaaaaad move! Needless to say, I learned a couple things that day and have a greater appreciation for Jiu Jitsu from the last couple of months. One among many, I don’t like getting arm barred. Now you are going to have to work a little harder to get me in one.  😉

And things are starting to click. Ever so slowly, but it doesn’t feel like such a blur of activity anymore. I’m learning to breathe and stay calm. Well, calmer. I’m starting to see opportunities. Some of them. 🙂 I’m not tapping out multiple times during one 5 minute roll 🙂

I also learned that even though I am tall, I am still very small and the chances of being bumped up to the next weight class at smaller tournaments is high. Technique is key. The draw to Jiu Jitsu is that it’s for everyone. On the ground, we are all the same size. Now, I’m not discounting strength, but technique will always beat strength. Unless you wanna punch me in the face and then we are not doing jiu jitsu anymore and I’ll meet ya in the parking lot 😉

And my circle of friends have grown. One of my friends has been training for several years. He had told me several times in the years I’ve known him that I should try it. That I would love it. That it was right up my alley. And he was sooooooo right! So now, I train at one gym and I do no gi open mat at his gym. When I first showed up to the open mat, I had no idea it was no gi. I have no training in no gi. A 13-year-old pretty much kept me at bay with spider guard. A 13-YEAR-OLD!! Next roll, it felt a little better. By the end of the hour, I walked away from the rowdiest open mat I’d been to with more friends and a love for a different part of BJJ. And a nickname, Two-Pack. If you are curious about that one, I’ll explain face to face. I’m not publishing that story 🙂

Oh and you think milk does the body good??? Try some Jiu Jitsu!! I’ve always been a thin girl. A lot of that time, I’ve also been a pretty fit girl, but not like I am now! When you go full-out, you work every muscle in your body. I was not aware of the muscles in my fingers until they were so sore from grips. It is not a fun time not being able to hold a pencil when you are an accountant. 🙂 But I do enjoy the way my body has changed so I’m not complaining about any soreness.

So where my non-training friends watch in horror, I get excited! I love jiu jitsu. I love learning. I love trying. I love rolling. When I leave, I leave all my shit on that mat. Have a bad day? You better believe I’m at class getting my mind right. Hell, on a good day, I hope that I can end the day with a little bit of arte suave. Whatever idea you have regarding jiu jitsu, try it at least once. My guess is that, like me, you’ll be hooked. If I can show up and roll primarily with guys and still walk away with most of my limbs intact, you’ll be fine. 😉

~~ Til the next time (on the mats??)


Gracie Barra Tennessee under Professor Reginaldo Almeida, Professor Samuel Braga, and Professor Bruno Amorim (my professor)

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