I have a problem with today’s “feminists”

So this is probably going to piss people off but Jesus, I’ve had it. We live in a pick and choose time that drives me crazy. What I mean by that is we have become a society that is all about “me”. I will choose what works for me and to hell with everything else. Even better, we bash those that live in a way that we don’t agree with and become offended and unreasonable when they do the same. We have become a pack of islands that are only concerned with self.

But that encompasses so much. My problem today is feminism. Not how it is defined but how it is lived. The feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s was a great and important time for women. It is the reason that I can have the job that I have. The hobby that I have. Really the life that I have. But somewhere along the way, this fight for equality turned into some sort of fucked up “you do for me or you hate women” kinda mindset.

Those brave women fought for the rights for women to be human and not property. In the time prior, women were to marry, have babies, take care of the house and nothing else. They had no rights to common property and everything they earned themselves were owned and managed by their husbands. They were not welcome in the workplace in positions other than teachers, nurses, and secretaries. It is reported that a dean of a medical school admitted that he did not welcome women in his school and if others were honest, they would say the same. This is what those women fought against.

Today, we are not shaving our armpits for what? To show solidarity for the feminist movement? Ummm, no. There is a rash of hypocrisy that people are choosing to ignore. Or are maybe afraid to confront. Well, today I am too tired to hold tight my filter so here ya go.

My poor, sweet boyfriend got hurt to the point he is unable to move without great pain. Being an empathetic, accident prone person, I feel for him. Being his girlfriend, I want to help him. For the most part, I can do nothing but watch him writhe in agony. Today, I had to go to work, so the plan was get him set up with breakfast and coffee and water and then come home for lunch and help him and set him up for the rest of the day until I left work. A friend of mine asked if I had brought my lunch and I said no and told her why. Her response was “You are a lot nicer than I am.”

Well, okay then. Now granted, I am sleepy. And when I am sleepy, it doesn’t take much to set me off, but when did it become okay to leave someone hurting to hurt by themselves? Especially when I have the ability to help. Also, this is stacked on top of numerous comments, some said under their breath, about how my boyfriend and I do our relationship.

I cook for the most part. I clean for the most part. I wash all of our clothes. I fix his plate and fill his glass. And I do all this because I want to. There was never an expectation from him that this would be the way we did things. It is just something I do. And I like to do it. I love to cook. I have a certain way I like the house so I clean it. And I like to clean. It calms me. I’m already washing my clothes. Why not wash his? I set the food on the table, if not on the plates because it feels wrong for me to fix my plate and as I’m sitting down, announce to him that the food is done and in the kitchen. And again, I LIKE TO DO ALL THESE THINGS.

At the same time, he does most the heavy lifting. He fixes things. He kills the bugs. He gets things off high shelves. I buy things that need to be put together. He puts them together. I think of inane projects because I saw it on pinterest and he takes things apart and puts them back together.

The way I see it, we are a team. We maximize our relationship by doing things suited to our strengths. And we do things for one another because we like to see the other happy. We like to make the other happy. That is why in our house, we are happy. We don’t do these things because the other is unable or incapable of doing them, we do it for the other person.

It doesn’t feel like a burden to either one of us to help the other. But for some reason, my doing for him has become a solo act of setting the women’s movement back somehow. And I do mean “my doing for him” because in this pick and choose society, him doing for me is his job as a man. My doing for him is seen as some kind of masculine driven act of servitude. Grow the fuck up, people!!

The feminist movement of today has done nothing, in my opinion, but make women look like a bunch of self serving whiny bitches and at the same time, emasculated men. There I said it. Feel free to unfriend me, on facebook and real life, but I am tired of keeping quiet because my “traditionalist” views are not the mainstream. And honestly, if you feel the right to speak into how I live my life, I have the same right to defend it.

You are free to not do all these things for your significant other. You do not have the right to try and make me feel bad because I do. And what business is it of yours anyways? The type of men that are attracted to the type of women that do these things are not going to be knocking down your door when they find out you won’t do it, so it is not your problem to fight. There are plenty of women like me that are happy to do it. It’s a preference. Just like in every other part of a person, we make judgement calls on whether or not we want to be with them based on preference. It is not machismo. No matter how loud you want to scream anti-feminist and stomp your feet. It’s preference. We all have them, but somehow, this preference is a dick move by men. No. It is a choice you make and a response to that choice. Nothing else. You don’t want to be with a man that prefers that but you aren’t a bitch for that. A man chooses a woman that lives her life this way and he’s a gorilla.  Hypocrisy.

Oh, and while I’m riding the unpopular train. This movement of “I can hit men, but they better not hit me back” shit is just that. Shit. And hypocrisy. How many videos on Facebook alone show 10 plus minutes of a woman battering a man with no one stopping her or calling the police and most of the time cheering for her, but the second he begins to defend himself, he’s the demon. I’m not in any way saying it is okay to hit women, but come on! You can hit him with zero consequences? Last time I heard, laws regarding battery didn’t have a gender clause in them. If you’re a woman, do your thing. If you’re a man, just sit there and take it. And then you want to get mad because men are not acting like men. How about you act like a lady?? A woman gets raped and we justifiably get angry, as it should be. A man gets raped and we laugh at him and make jokes? Is this the equality you are striving for??

What’s really sad is that in this feminist quest, we women have turned on one another as well as squashed masculinity under our heels. Those women of the 60’s and 70’s fought for the women of today to be able to live our lives with freedom. And that includes the freedom for me to live mine as well, but because of the way in which I do, I constantly face harsh criticism and disdain. No more. You want equality? Your judgement of my life and the way I choose to live it will be faced with equal judgement on how you live yours. If you feel the need to shit on my desire to live a life of gratitude and service, you will receive none of that when I respond to you.

Rant over…

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I’ve seen that hashtag used a number of different ways in the days that have followed the death of Michael Brown. Some in solidarity as people have grieved the death of an 18 year old. And then some of the more troubling posts across social media.

For the most part, I really neglect my facebook. And when I do peruse it, I mostly read jiu jitsu articles or watch jiu jitsu videos. I’ve turned it into an ADD person’s jiu jitsu news feed. I’m a little obsessed. And I like it that way. 🙂

But since August 9th, when Michael Brown faced his untimely death, it has also shown the multiple viewpoints towards this moment in time. And I have to say that I am horrified. I’ve seen people make comparisons to Trayvon Martin. Both on the side that they were both unarmed kids that were killed and then the more racist driven views. And then I remember that as much as I don’t really gauge people based on the the color of their skin, there are others, many, many others that do. Instantly he is a thug. He obviously did something to deserve to be shot 6 times, twice in the head.

I guess because I spent most of my childhood in Europe, the racism that is so rampant in the United States, I was shielded from. I don’t think I realized that I was even “different”. It wasn’t until I moved to America that I started to realize that my face looked different than others. And it wasn’t because I realized it so much as other people felt so free to bring it up. I didn’t realize there was such an underlying rippling of hatred until I sat in an ex’s mother’s living room, listening to his family spew some of the most vile things I had ever heard. I sat crippled, not knowing how to react. When his mother voiced something about how she hoped her children were never involved in an interracial relationship, I sat slack-jawed. She turned towards me, maybe sensing my horror, and so nonchalantly threw out “Well, you don’t count. I just think of you as white.”  Umm…thanks?? I was 18 years old.

It was and still is strange to me when these nationwide instances of racism rise up. And I am also shocked by what people that I think I know will say during these time. This may be the thing that will drive a wedge between myself and others that I know but I feel that to remain silent is irresponsible. It hurts me to read some of the comments that are out there, for all to see. It hurts me to think that this boy’s parents have to not only grieve the death of their child, they must also read and hear on social media, on the news and in their own community that this 18 year old, their 18 year old was worthless. That he deserved to be gunned down on the street. That he didn’t deserve a fair trial, as others in this country receive everyday.

Because I think that is what we all forget while we sit on our soapbox, whatever our platform. We forget that while we let hate drive our thoughts and comments and news stories, there is a family that sits in their home in Ferguson, MO, grieving for their 18 year old boy that will never see the life the rest of us will enjoy. We can debate for weeks,months and years that he may or may not have committed a crime prior to his death. We can choose to believe the stories that he had drugs in his system and that is another justification for his death. We can scream about the multiple instances where similar stories are not reported and made national news because they were the “wrong” race. But none of that will do any good. None of that erases the fact that an 18 year old boy lost his life. A family grieves a life that ended 18 years after it started. That he will never marry. Never have kids. Never grow old.

In the midst of bad decisions, we as a nation do not also need to make bad decisions. Instead of turning on one another, picking apart a life that sadly we will all forget long before the pain of his family has settled, why do we not choose to turn to others in love? Why do we not realize that life is short and fleeting and embrace those that we still have the honor to enjoy?

I don’t presume to know what actually happened on August 9th. I don’t know what Michael was doing or what the police were thinking. I don’t know why the news channels choose to report one story but neglect another, and please remember, it is the news channel executives that decide which stories air, not the people on the streets, but I can venture a guess. But I do know when we choose to turn on our fellow man (or woman) based solely on the color of their skin, we chose to dishonor not only them but ourselves. So I ask you, before you post a hateful article on either side of this story, before you post an ugly comment, how would you like others to respond to you if you were any part of this horrific incident. This isn’t a movie on HBO, these are real people’s lives. Michael’s family. The police officers’ families. There is a community in upheaval. The last thing that is needed is an entire country of people fanning the flames.


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Aaaaand I’m back :D

With the end of my schooling coming to an ever so close end, I find myself wondering what I’ll do with the free time I have outside of work and jiu jitsu. That sounds laughable, but I guess a part of me also needs a place to exercise my creativity and empty out this crazy brain of mine. So I guess I’m back 🙂
So here’s my first of I’m sure many sporadic blog posts 🙂 Writing only when the mood strikes me. I’m letting go of the idea that I need to write on some unspoken timetable. It’s really the first of many instances where I am going to have to learn that what I think should happen, may not be how it needs to happen. So here I go again.
~~Til we meet again…

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I suck at this blogging thing…

A-true-relationship-is-having-someone-who-accepts-your-past-supports-your-present-loves-you-and-encourages-your-futureNot that this statement is shocking to anyone that has read this blog with any frequency. 🙂 But I think I finally know why. I started this blog to kinda get outside of myself. I have struggled a long time with allowing people close enough to hurt me. Now, I realize that one’s instinct is to keep themselves safe, but I kept EVERYONE at least arm’s length. But at the same time, I would help anyone that I could, as often as I could. I thought this was being a good friend. Helping them carry their burdens while not burdening them with my own. But that is not true relationship. It’s a give and take. And I found as I began to let people in, that it was frustrating for them to be in relationship with me while I purposely held parts of myself to myself.

And it was a lonely place to be. While I was safe from any emotional harm, I also was no longer living life. I actually don’t know if I had ever lived life. And then I let go this perception of self preservation and began to open up. I started with those that were already my friends. I let them get closer. I shared struggles with them and let them help me, even if the help was nothing more than to listen. And it was difficult! So freaking difficult to do. As I spoke about whatever I was struggling about, I was also worrying on the inside of how they were perceiving me. I mean was I being petty? Did I blow things out of proportion? Was my friend sitting there thinking that I was just a huge loser? Turns out no. Well, most of the time. I am human. And I have honest friends 😉

So I started this blog as an exercise to get out of my comfort zone. It started with the mundane (and often hysterical) training stories of my marathon training and then circuit training. And every once in a while, I put a little something personal on there, and I would just see the numbers skyrocket on views. (Oh, and one secret I’ve kept is that I could see the view count and search terms. Someone out there has been regularly searching out my blog but would never subscribe. I see you! 😉 Ha!!)

And then those posts became more regular. And the more honest I became, the more it seemed to attract people’s attention. And never once did I receive anything negative. And this is the forum to do it. Complete anonymity!! But a fantastic thing seemed to happen in the process. The more I got used to opening up, the more I was not met with judgmental attitudes, the more I opened up.  In real life. I worried less about the opinions of those that didn’t matter. I became transparent to those that I love and love me. I began to live a life with arms wide open. I began to simply live life.

Now I’m not saying that I have not been hurt in the process because I have. Deeply. There have been moments where I was convinced that I would be unable to claw my way back to the surface. But then I remembered that I didn’t have to do it alone. That I had people that were there to help me. That wanted to help me. And then there were moments that I trusted people that weren’t who they presented themselves to be and I just had to let go of those relationships instead of trying to figure out the why of the situation. And as broken as my heart was, I bounced back. Some situations took longer than others, but I bounced back with the help of my friends.

And as I lived more transparently in my real life, I spent less time chronicling my shenanigans on here.  Because I became busy. Busy living the life I was always meant to live. Enjoying the wonderfully genuine people that were placed in my path. Busy living the life I used to write about in this blog.

And in my times of need, I reached out for help. I began to shed this huge ego problem that I held so tightly to before ( <- I attribute this to Jiu Jitsu, btw). And man I’m a lucky girl! Because no matter the situation, the help was abundant. Whether it was deep, big problems or a mini sobfest in the middle of my bed, someone was there to care for me. With absolutely no judgement. Now I’m not perfect. I still struggle with opening up. But those same people that are there to support me also support me by gently reminding me that I am being a stubborn ass. 😉 I’m a work in progress. 🙂

So I think I know why I now suck at this blog thing. It’s because I no longer suck at this thing called life. So like other things in my life that were only meant to be in my life for a season, I am saying goodbye to this blog.

~~Til we meet again (in real life)

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No New Year’s resolutions here…

imagesLife is short. Really short if you think about it. The gray hairs I plan to cover tonight with hair dye are evidence of the years I’ve lived.

And then I think about the sweet girl that lost her life just days before Christmas at the tender age of 17. Life offers no guarantees.

And then there are the several battles of cancer I’ve had to face and have been open about and the multitude of “scares” that I’ve kept to myself. No guarantees.

Maybe that is why I live my life the way I do. I choose a life of passion. Of joy. Of a “human soul on fire”. A life of no regrets. And I also cut out things that do not add to the quality of my life. I do not want to sit on my death bed wishing I had not wasted seconds of my precious life on things that did not add love, passion, and life.

I want to do something? I do it. I want to go somewhere? I go. I want to spend time with someone? I do. Some think me crazy. Some think me bold. But while I have the privilege to experience this simulation we call life, I choose to find those moments meant to bring life and pursue them. I choose to pursue relationships that bring love and light.  I want to be the friend that is energizing and uplifting. I want to be the lover that brings quiet excitement and chaotic peace. I want to be wholly me. 

At the end of my days, I want the movie that plays before my eyes to be filled with the moments I shared with the people I loved, doing the things I loved. And that starts with the everyday. New years resolutions? I don’t make them. I choose to live them.

So what makes you feel alive?? And do you choose to pursue them daily??

~~Til the next time…

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More like a family…

photo8 months. That’s how long I’ve been doing Jiu Jitsu. Still loving the hell out of it. Best form of exercise I have found for my body and personality. I’m learning every single day. My mind stays engaged. And I love that aspect. But even more, I find that the longer I go, the more I appreciate the relationships I have formed.

I genuinely adore the people I train with. They have got to be the most down to earth people I have ever met. Actually, most that I have met in the Jiu Jitsu community are pretty awesome people. I learn something new just about every time I roll with any of my teammates. I love that even if I get my ass handed to me or vice versa, we can stand up and finish with a hug and a “Hey! Good roll.” because it is not about beating the other person in the end. Or to prove a point. We save that for the tournaments. It’s about learning from one another and having fun.

I also love that I can talk to just about anyone with an issue I am having and they are ready to help. There is no sense of “me” in the jiu jitsu world. Everyone seems to want to share knowledge. Not finishing that choke? “Move this way. Change this. Yep. Like that.” *Gag* Tap! Tap! It’s the jiu jitsu way.

And I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have this as a part of my life. I’m a girl living far from home. I love knowing that at the end of the day, I’m walking into not just my jiu jitsu gym, but into what feels like home with family. The only difference is the hugs we give one another look awfully similar to chokes. 😉

So to my jiu jitsu family, thanks! You all are awesome and I so appreciate who you are and how you represent jiu jitsu to the world.

~~Til the next time

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Oh sweet epiphany…

chalkboard_loveNo truer words have been spoken. If you haven’t watched the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower, I highly recommend it. Wonderful movie!!

So the question was posed to me of why I seemed to have dated buttholes (<my word) in my past. At the time, my only answer was I don’t know. And then, maybe there is a lesson to be learned. And then the topic was dropped.

Then there was yesterday. It was a long and hectic day. I think in all the madness that the day brought, it also brought down my defenses. On the drive home, I was alone and just singing along to the music playing and it hit me. I dated the “buttholes” because that was all I thought I deserved. Which is mindboggling to me, because if you were to ask me on any given day, I would spout out all I think, sorry, know that I deserve. But I guess deep down, in my subconscious mind, I didn’t really believe it all. Not when it came right down to it.

But then on the other side of it, it is what I really want. What anyone wants really. It’s why I gravitate towards the romantic comedies and sappy love songs. The passionate love affair with my best friend that is filled with all the good and bad moments that real life brings. To be utterly and completely me.

Up until recently, I think I’ve just settled. Settled for the attention I got. Settled to be the person the other wanted me to be. Settled for mediocrity and was honestly shocked with what I received. A less than satisfactory life. A life where I felt alone in the midst of people. Invisible as my guarded persona laughed and cheered with the crowd.

I think until I felt a glimpse of the sort of life I wanted, it was really hard for me to embrace it. Not all the guys in my life were or are buttholes. I’ve felt known. And accepted. And enjoyed for who I really am. For the Tina that shows up when the walls are down. I’ve been in the place where I felt cared for. Where the flawed, broken me found refuge and to be honest, healing. I have found peace in the silence.

So in the moments of solitude and openness in my car, my epiphany happened. I have had a less than stellar track record because I accepted the love I thought I deserved. I rejected any semblance of being truly known and cared for because I thought it was not for me. I cared for people who didn’t care for me. It was easier to hide than run the risk of being vulnerable with someone else. But now I know better. I know the risk I run by being wholly me is far less than the reward of being free. Of being known. Of being accepted. Of being me.

So today I travel the road of accepting the love I think I deserve. And that is one of greatness.

~~Til the next time

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The lies we tell ourselves…

43544531_JvZg7gdf_cA friend of mine was asked to speak to a group of women about the lies we tell ourselves and I loved hearing afterward how it went. As we talked about it, I was hit with what I already knew and what her speaking engagement further exposed.

We women are our harshest critics.

To ourselves and other women. You can be the smartest, most beautiful, engaging woman and in less than 60 seconds, you can believe all the lies that others, and even you, yourself have said about you. We allow shame, fear, loneliness, guilt, anger, sadness, hurt, and even gladness become ugliness that we project onto ourselves and sometimes others. We let circumstances define who we are instead of rising out of the ashes knowing we are a thing of beauty and of power. We hear the distorted words of others as truth.

But why? Why have we turned over to negativity and allowed it to occupy space in our beautiful minds? Because it’s easier to believe the ugly as opposed to the beautiful. The wonderful. The truth.

Sure. I am capable of ugliness. I can tear down a person in less time it takes to think the thought. Takes even less time to do it to myself. BUT I won’t.  I can’t.

I want to be a person of positivity. For others but most importantly, for myself. If I do not choose to lift myself up first, love myself wholly, I can not do that for others and I can’t expect them to do that for me. Despite the ugliness and lies that are so prevalent in our society, I choose to stand and say “I am…” in a way that goes against the grain. So today, more for myself, but maybe you need a little encouragement to say it to yourself, I say I AM ENOUGH! 

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Slumps suck…

848906666_NotAgain_answer_2_xlargeOh yes they do! And I’ve been in one. I began questioning my choice in hobby. One I pay money to do, by the way. I don’t know at what point I thought, “Holy shit! What am I doing here?”, but I know it began to be a big problem for me. It didn’t stop me from training, but I can say that training Jiu Jitsu when you lack heart is about the most frustrating experience. Ever.

What used to excite me was replaced with a sense of dread. I walked in with the same attitude but it was external only. I began to notice that I watched the clock. Counting down the minutes til class was over. And learning anything?? Nope! I think I learned it in the sense that I tucked it away in my brain but it didn’t translate when it was time to hit the mats to roll. I gassed out. I was frustrated. I was tapping from a combination of exhaustion and the aforementioned frustration more than a properly executed submission. I was not aggressive at all. I might as well have been participating in a slap fight. And it had nothing to do with winning or losing. I don’t see Jiu Jitsu in that way. You got the submission?? Show me what just happened so the next time, it doesn’t happen again. I’m winning or learning. Just not lately.

But I kept going. Hoping whatever was going on would work itself out. And I’m glad I made that choice. Last night was no different than any other night. Actually, what we went over, we had been going over for a bit now but last night I felt like I was back. My desire to be there was back. My motivation to push myself was back. I was dead, DEAD, after and it felt great! Everything hurt. I could barely grip my keys to leave the gym much less apply any pressure to the gas peddle as I drove off and I couldn’t have been any happier about it.

I walked out with the same sense of calm I enjoyed when I started Jiu Jitsu. I didn’t panic during training and the roll. My mind was engaged in what I was doing instead of being concerned with the time. I was exhausted but in a good way. My body was drained. My brain was excited. I would have stayed for more if it were an option. I’m excited to get back in there and add to my game. Dread?? Not at all. Today, I feel lighter. Ready to take on the day. To own the rest of the week!

The funny thing is that last night my sister sent me a text and during the course of our conversation, she expressed frustration in her training. Why?? The ever dreaded slump. I don’t believe in coincidence. I think everything happens exactly how it is supposed to happen in the time it does for a reason. I don’t know why I hit the wall when and how I did, but I sat there last night returning texts to her, encouraging her to keep going. I’m sure she wanted to punch me in the throat but I knew exactly where she was coming from. I was there just the day before.

I write this honestly more for me than anyone else because I know I’ll hit another slump. It happens. To everyone. So like I told my sister last night (and to you, if you need it), I say to my future sad, dejected self: Nothing worth having comes in the absence of hard work. Oh and you’ll get there, you turd! 😉

~~Til the next time

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I’m in love…

1094848_10151555988047607_138677618_n Oooohhhhh…. Caught your attention, didn’t I?? But it’s not what you think. 😉

So I think the last time I wrote about my Jiu Jitsu adventure, I was about 1 month in. 1 month, 1 stripe. 🙂 Now I’ve hit 4 months. Actually, today is exactly 4 months in. And any obsession I felt 1 month in is nothing compared to what it is now. I spent the summer training just about everyday. I went to my first tournament at the end of the summer. Talk about being a nerve-wracking situation. I was so nervous, I forgot to eat that morning. Baaaaaad move! Needless to say, I learned a couple things that day and have a greater appreciation for Jiu Jitsu from the last couple of months. One among many, I don’t like getting arm barred. Now you are going to have to work a little harder to get me in one.  😉

And things are starting to click. Ever so slowly, but it doesn’t feel like such a blur of activity anymore. I’m learning to breathe and stay calm. Well, calmer. I’m starting to see opportunities. Some of them. 🙂 I’m not tapping out multiple times during one 5 minute roll 🙂

I also learned that even though I am tall, I am still very small and the chances of being bumped up to the next weight class at smaller tournaments is high. Technique is key. The draw to Jiu Jitsu is that it’s for everyone. On the ground, we are all the same size. Now, I’m not discounting strength, but technique will always beat strength. Unless you wanna punch me in the face and then we are not doing jiu jitsu anymore and I’ll meet ya in the parking lot 😉

And my circle of friends have grown. One of my friends has been training for several years. He had told me several times in the years I’ve known him that I should try it. That I would love it. That it was right up my alley. And he was sooooooo right! So now, I train at one gym and I do no gi open mat at his gym. When I first showed up to the open mat, I had no idea it was no gi. I have no training in no gi. A 13-year-old pretty much kept me at bay with spider guard. A 13-YEAR-OLD!! Next roll, it felt a little better. By the end of the hour, I walked away from the rowdiest open mat I’d been to with more friends and a love for a different part of BJJ. And a nickname, Two-Pack. If you are curious about that one, I’ll explain face to face. I’m not publishing that story 🙂

Oh and you think milk does the body good??? Try some Jiu Jitsu!! I’ve always been a thin girl. A lot of that time, I’ve also been a pretty fit girl, but not like I am now! When you go full-out, you work every muscle in your body. I was not aware of the muscles in my fingers until they were so sore from grips. It is not a fun time not being able to hold a pencil when you are an accountant. 🙂 But I do enjoy the way my body has changed so I’m not complaining about any soreness.

So where my non-training friends watch in horror, I get excited! I love jiu jitsu. I love learning. I love trying. I love rolling. When I leave, I leave all my shit on that mat. Have a bad day? You better believe I’m at class getting my mind right. Hell, on a good day, I hope that I can end the day with a little bit of arte suave. Whatever idea you have regarding jiu jitsu, try it at least once. My guess is that, like me, you’ll be hooked. If I can show up and roll primarily with guys and still walk away with most of my limbs intact, you’ll be fine. 😉

~~ Til the next time (on the mats??)


Gracie Barra Tennessee under Professor Reginaldo Almeida, Professor Samuel Braga, and Professor Bruno Amorim (my professor)

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